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About Us

We are a Venture Capital Investment and Business Management company that invests in equity and equity-related capital of small and medium-sized businesses to nurture growth and value potential. Our Ventures and Fund Managers have proven track records built up in larger organizations, which they have left to work in an entrepreneurial environment. In our firm, they can focus on performance and their interests are aligned with those of their clients.


We target consistent, superior, risk adjusted performance. We give our Venture Managers freedom to manage the portfolio within agreed risk criteria. We do not constrain their management style through centralized research and committee led decisions.

We employ Venture Managers, not administrators. In turn, our managers acknowledge full responsibility for their performance. Bonuses of the fund managers are based on out-performing an agreed benchmark. We are committed to performance based fee structures.

Our Fund Managers and Advisors developed a strong track record in creating value for clients through its acknowledged expertise in the complex field of Hedge Funds, managed futures, options and all alternative investments with proven money management expertise and industry experience, we are setting new standards in delivering alternative investment products and services. The firmís principals have, between them, extensive experience in this area.

We have an owner-manager culture. Senior members of the firm are shareholders in the business. In this way, we are able to attract and retain high caliber professionals who might otherwise wish to establish their own firm.

We are dedicated to providing performance and service for our clients. We have no captive distribution but live on our wits. We exist only by satisfying our investors.


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