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What we're looking for in your business plan:



To help ensure our ability to effectively review your proposal, we ask that you submit an accurate and complete proposal. A complete proposal should include the following:

Executive Summary:
We prefer initially to receive a two to three pages long executive summary and a six to eight pages long Business Overview. This should include details of the management team's experience and their resumes, a summary of your company,your goals, product or service description, market positioning, Geographic location, Estimated appraised value upon completion of the project,  Estimated equity investment (actual cash investment), and Total amount of Funding requested including net of applicable fees and closing costs (estimated).

Management team:
Give a full description of all important management team members including information on board members and company advisors. Please include expected hiring plans if applicable.
What are the background, knowledge, skills, and abilities of each member?
How is this experience relevant to the specific industry in which the company competes?
How are the risks and problems often inherent to your industry handled by the members of the management team?

Business model and Existing Organizational Structure:
Describe the existing organization and management structure.
Describe the existing capital structure and ownership of the company.
Challenging but achievable goals?
How you will reach the goals?

Difficult Times and Problems:

Please do not hesitate to mention about your companies negative side which may reflect your difficult times and problems with your business. We understand that every business has a good or bad time. It is just the reality of the truth. If your business is not in trouble or going thru difficulties you may not need us. We understand that. Why do you need an investment partner? We are here to work with you and your business difficulties and problems. Please keep in mind that the most important strategy of our selection process is finding a true partner who is dedicated and determined to make things happen. So please be honest and open minded. We are looking for honest and open-minded talented visionary entrepreneurs to be partner with.

Products and/or Services:
Description of the product and/or services offered.
What is your company's product or service?
What differentiates your product or service from the competition?
What is the value proposition your product or service offers to a potential customer?
What is your competitive advantage today and how will that advantage be sustained?
Who do you see as your current and future competitors?
How does your product or service compare to the competition?

Sales and Marketing Strategy:
Describe your target market?
Who is your typical customer?
What is the total market size?
What share of the market do you expect to obtain?
What is your sales strategy and sales channels?

Growing company:
At what stage of the life cycle is the industry in which the company plans to operate?
What is the size of the company's targeted market?
What is its projected growth rate?
What methods of marketing, sales, and distribution will be utilized in attracting and keeping customers?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor (be it direct, indirect, or anticipated) in the targeted market?
From a timing perspective, is this the appropriate stage of development for the company to receive a venture capital investment?
Relevant whitepapers or articles

Financial Information:
Financial forecast and projection for next 5 Years.
State about loans, line of credits, debts, leans, judgments, accounts receivables, payables, etc.
Most recent Financial Statement.
Last 3 years financial Statements (when applicable)
Opening financial Statements for Start up Companies.
How much money and time has already been invested by the owners and managers?

Financing Needs:
How much capital do you require to reach the goals stated in the business plan?
Please be very specific.

Return on investment:
What are the company's current and projected valuation and performance in terms of sales, earnings, and dividends?
To what extent have these budgets and projections been substantiated?
Has the company overestimated or underestimated the amount of capital required for the growth and development of its business plan?


How to submit a Business Plan;






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  What we're looking for in your business plan
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