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How to submit a Business Plan:



Send e-mail to our Business Development Team with a short description about you and your company in the body of your e-mail, and attach the additional documents as described below:

Subject line of the eMail must state the following:
Subject: BP from XYZ Company (Whereas "XYZ Company" must be replaced by your Company Name)

File Formats:

All Attached documents must be in the Portable Document Format (PDF) File formats whereas .pdf is the file extension.

No ZIP Files or any other Format Please: Due to our paper reduction and Security policy we will not be able to accept any other file format. All OTHER FORMATS are going to be automatically deleted by our computer security systems.

No hard copy: We do not accept any hard copy of the Business Plan at initial review stage. We will ask you at a later stage upon initial approval of our BizDev Team as deemed to be necessary. See "Investment Process" for details.

About Attachments: Please make sure all of your attachments include:

Company Name
Mailing Address
Phone & Fax Number
Contact Name
E-Mail Address

Include this information also in the body of initial e-mail that you send.

Your attachments must state the name of your company:
For example:
XYZ_ExecSumm.pdf (Where XYZ is your company Name)
and so on

Our Email Address to submit Business Plan:

Response: Please note, typically it takes 4-6 weeks for us to review your plan and follow-up with you.

Questions: Please feel free to contact us with questions you may have at 702 289 4458

Thank you for your cooperation and for being patient, and we look forward to reviewing your Business Plan soon.

When you submit an Executive Summary or full business plan with Voobon Ventures, the information you provide is for the sole purpose of assisting us in our evaluation process. Submission of this information in no way implies any commitment or obligation on the part of Voobon Ventures, Inc. Any financing provided by Voobon Ventures, Inc will be done so only after a careful review of your plan, personal meetings with the member of the company and appropriate internal approvals.



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