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The Fund will selectively invest in companies that introduce fundamental change in the basis of competition or a paradigm shifting innovation in an existing industry.

Voobon Ventures, Inc. invests in a wide array of industries, with a particular emphasis on merger & acquisition in the Real Estate and Entertainment Industries, where technology is being used to improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability of an already sound business. We focus in a variety of industry sectors on companies experiencing the common challenges of building a business to significant scale. Our target industries include:

  • Real Estate: Residential and Commercial Property Developments.

  • Independent Motion Pictures & Music Productions.

  • Entertainment and Broadcasting Media.

  • Information Technology: Application Software, Data Management,  and e-services.

  • Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, and Restaurants.

However, we opportunistically consider investments across a wide variety of industries, and actively seek to expand our knowledge and experience base into new areas.

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