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Investment Process


1.  Initiation


Executive summary received.
For every company that we invest in, we will have considered about two to three hundred propositions. Please read the criteria in our Investment Approach and our Investment Criteria before submitting your plan and bear in mind the following:

  • We prefer initially to receive a two to three pages long executive summary and a six to eight pages long Business Overview. This should include details of the management team's experience and their resume. We will request a detailed business plan if we wish to take it further. See Submit a Business Plan for more details.

  • EV is an active investor and prefers to lead deals, though we will co-invest with other VCs.

  • Typically it takes us four to six weeks to respond. All plans are screened by one of the investment team and serious candidates go through a rigorous Investment Process.

  • All plans should be submitted by e-mail to

  • All attachments must be in PDF or Microsoft Word (doc) or Microsoft Excel (.xls) or .csv File format. All other file formats will be deleted.

  • All financial projections data must be in Microsoft Excel (.xls) or .csv File format. All other file formats will be deleted automatically by our server applications.

  • We will not accept any hard copy at this stage. All presentations and propositions must be in digital format. We will request for Hard copies at the Step# 3 or at a later stage only when it is necessary for the due diligence.



12 Steps of our Investment Process:

      1. Initiation  
      2. Initial Review  
      3. Further Information Requested  
      4. Discussion  
      5. Initial Due Diligence  
      6. Indicative Terms Agreed  
      7. Evaluation  
      8. Full Due Diligence  
      9. Final Decision  
      10. Legal Documents Drafted And Agreed  
      11. Completions and Transfer of Funds  
      12. Ongoing  
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