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Investment Process


3.  Further Information Requested



If your proposal is of interest, you will be asked to send us your Full Business Plan, Offering Memorandum (if applicable), Corporate by-Laws or operating agreements, Financial Statements, Long Term projections, and any related applicable documents.
Your business plan will be logged into our project database and you will be sent an acknowledgement and reference number soon after it is received.
In addition to asking for a full business plan that goes into the detail of all the key aspects of the opportunity, we often will have specific questions for the management team.




12 Steps of our Investment Process:

      1. Initiation  
      2. Initial Review  
      3. Further Information Requested  
      4. Discussion  
      5. Initial Due Diligence  
      6. Indicative Terms Agreed  
      7. Evaluation  
      8. Full Due Diligence  
      9. Final Decision  
      10. Legal Documents Drafted And Agreed  
      11. Completions and Transfer of Funds  
      12. Ongoing  
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