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6.   Indicative Terms Agreed



Before we do a huge amount of work we will seek to agree the headline terms for our investment, assuming that no problems are found in due diligence. These would include a proposed investment structure, valuation and an informal Term Sheet with the key elements of the terms attached to the offer. We do not impose a single investment structure, but instead will tailor a bespoke offer that takes into account each company's unique circumstances. We believe that the future success of the partnership with VV is built on trust and it is important that there are no surprises when it comes to completing the deal.





12 Steps of our Investment Process:

      1. Initiation  
      2. Initial Review  
      3. Further Information Requested  
      4. Discussion  
      5. Initial Due Diligence  
      6. Indicative Terms Agreed  
      7. Evaluation  
      8. Full Due Diligence  
      9. Final Decision  
      10. Legal Documents Drafted And Agreed  
      11. Completions and Transfer of Funds  
      12. Ongoing  
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