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Investment Process


7.  Evaluation



As part of our analysis, we need to be convinced that the product is unique, and that use of the product does not require a substantial change in customer behavior. To evaluate technology, VV does not rely on in-house expertise alone, but contacts appropriate specialists to evaluate the feasibility of developing the entrepreneur's vision. Generally, VV believes that assuming technology risk is part of the job of the early stage venture capitalist. The market must be large enough for a company to grow to at least 3 fold in value in five years even if it makes a few mistakes along the way. The people must be extremely motivated to do whatever it takes to make a success of the company. They must also be well qualified to take on the challenge. The product must have some differentiating feature that can lead to the creation of a profitable company. The company must be able to defend its position in its market once established. The members of the team must be completely dedicated to building a business and willing to hire the best people they can find. They must show that they work well together, and the proposed investment must align the interests of our investors and management.





12 Steps of our Investment Process:

      1. Initiation  
      2. Initial Review  
      3. Further Information Requested  
      4. Discussion  
      5. Initial Due Diligence  
      6. Indicative Terms Agreed  
      7. Evaluation  
      8. Full Due Diligence  
      9. Final Decision  
      10. Legal Documents Drafted And Agreed  
      11. Completions and Transfer of Funds  
      12. Ongoing  
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