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Investment Process


8.   Full Due Diligence



We will check out in detail each aspect of the plan to ensure that management's assumptions are realistic and the information that has been provided to us is accurate. This will often involve us interviewing potential customers first hand, commissioning independent technical due diligence, appraising the intellectual property, taking references on the management team and building an independent financial model.
Our investment decision depends on these investigations. Not only is this an important process for us but it is also a time for forging a sound working relationship between investee and investor. When we make an investment we are entering a working relationship with the company that typically lasts for 5 years or more and it is important for all parties to get it right.

This work is written up as a detailed due diligence report and circulated to our Investors. The management team will be expected to present to them, answer their questions and consider their suggestions. Given their wide-ranging experience this can be a very constructive process.





12 Steps of our Investment Process:

      1. Initiation  
      2. Initial Review  
      3. Further Information Requested  
      4. Discussion  
      5. Initial Due Diligence  
      6. Indicative Terms Agreed  
      7. Evaluation  
      8. Full Due Diligence  
      9. Final Decision  
      10. Legal Documents Drafted And Agreed  
      11. Completions and Transfer of Funds  
      12. Ongoing  
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