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For VV to be interested in investing in a start-up situation a number of key additional components need to be in place.

  • Offer a uniquely beneficial product or service that targets a lucrative, clearly defined market opportunity.

  • Be able to leverage technological advantage into a defensible market position, understand the demographics, behavior and preferences of its customers.

  • Be responsive to changing market conditions.

  • Be led by a strong management team with the vision, experience and dedication to build a successful company.

  • The business model needs to be proven and must be successfully started and operated by the founders.

  • Revenues need to be predictable and scaleable

  • The pricing model should be established and accepted in the market.

  • The path to profitability is clear and definable and the business will be at break even on initial funding within 12-18 months.

  • The cost base must be appropriate for the revenues of the business and be flexible.

  • The funding requirement must be clearly quantifiable.



Management buy-ins and management buy-outs  

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