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Our Approach
  How we evaluate investments  

Voobon Ventures investment approach emphasizes a disciplined and  careful evaluation of each investment opportunity, taking into account the following criteria:


Voobon Ventures seeks opportunities that address large and/or rapidly growing markets with real, unmet or under-served customer needs. We invest in companies that are creating new markets, developing new technologies, and addressing emerging business needs.

We believe that the single most important factor in the success of a company is the quality of its management team. Voobon Ventures will not make an investment unless it is satisfied that an appropriate management team is in place or can be recruited with the assistance and input from Voobon Ventures.

Product or Service
Of critical importance to early stage companies is the successful and timely development and delivery of proprietary and/or differentiated products or services that are capable of effecting innovations or business transformations that create significant value for the customers.

Business Model
A successful company will not only create customer value, but will also have a well thought-out business design that allows the company to capture and protect a significant portion of the value created.

Knowledge of a company's business
We meet our goals through an investment approach that begins with extensive research. Drawing on the resources of our Board of Advisors and our own substantial experience in a wide range of industries, we analyze the technical aspects of a business, and conduct accounting and legal analyses to help evaluate risk.

Visionary Leadership
Voobon Ventures considers talented entrepreneurs surrounded by exceptional management teams a cornerstone for success. Most successful enterprises begin with an inspirational entrepreneur who exhibits technological vision and leadership.
We work with entrepreneurs who are fully committed to the success of their venture. This means we evaluate the experience, unique talent and determination of the individuals in whom we invest. We spend full time on our investments and expect the people we invest in will do the same. 

Early-Stage Focus
Our management team has significant experience investing in and operating high growth technology companies in rapidly emerging markets. Prospective companies will capitalize on this experience in early-stage development, which typically represents the greatest period of value creation over the life cycle of a company.


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