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Collaborating with management

We continue to collaborate with management, working together to create the corporate strategy, financial strategy and capital allocation. All efforts are designed to achieve the goal of preserving and strengthening the long-term future of the business.
Supporting the pursuit of acquisitions and growth initiatives
We support management's pursuit of strategic acquisitions and divestitures to solidify and expand market positions. We can make available the extensive support and assistance in valuation, negotiation and structuring of transactions necessary to facilitate expansions or consolidations in a timely manner while management focuses on the daily operations of the business. Most of the companies in which we have invested have made strategic acquisitions with our encouragement and financial support, in the pursuit of further building their businesses, achieving growth and attaining superior long-term profitability.


Developing a capital structure that provides financial flexibility

We use our long-standing relationships and extensive experience in the financing markets to help companies achieve a capital structure that facilitates a high degree of financial and operating flexibility.


Capitalizing on our network of experts

We use our exclusive management teams, relationships and professional network to support management teams and portfolio companies in a number of endeavors. We provide a vast reserve of talent, expertise, connections and broad industry experience.
We seek to invest in companies with a strong management team. In some cases we will work with the existing management team to round out key functions critical to the success of the portfolio company.


Capital Appreciation

We invest for long-term capital appreciation. It will generally hold investments for at least three years and we expect to exit within 7 years but no longer than 10 years. Voobon Ventures Management team will work with portfolio company management to set the strategy for achieving liquidity in each portfolio investment. Among the options we pursue for public offerings, sale, re-capitalization or mergers.

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