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We invite accredited, high net worth investors who seek excellent returns to join us in building great companies and reaping the rewards of doing so.

If you want to join our network of investors, please contact our Investor Relations Team at or call us at 1-678-909-4782

Our Limited Partners are sophisticated high net worth individuals that share some common characteristics:

A desire to invest in early stage companies based in the USA;
  A willingness to use their experience and skills to provide active support to these companies when appropriate and necessary;  
  A recognition of all the advantages of portfolio diversification and experienced mentoring of invested companies that investing collectively can offer;  
  An appreciation for professionally screened deal flow informed by thorough due diligence and post investment monitoring; and  
  Overall understandings that early stage companies in general are high-risk investments.  

Existing investors, Financial Advisors and Broker Dealers can visit our secure Investor Extranet site to review Offering Memorandums, Funds, and portfolio performance, see meeting schedules and more.


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